The Way to Connect Aadhaar Card Using Ration Card

The Way to Connect Aadhaar Card Using Ration Card

Ration cards were originally issued to all families, where the family has been issued food grains and gas at a subsidized rate and Connect Aadhaar Card Using Ration Card. The ration card functioned as an evidence of address and identity prior to the beginning of files such as PAN and passport cards.

Ration cards are still to be used now, together with deserving individuals getting free ration throughout it. In addition, they continue to be utilized as evidence of address when Applying for a government support like a PAN card, etc..

Yet there also have been cases of fraud, in which the person gets over their share of ration or at which folks not qualified for ration get it, depriving more deserving individuals of it. To fight such cases, the government has made it compulsory to connect ration cards using a person’s Aadhar card status.

The Aadhar card is a special identification number that includes the Aadhar card biometric details of the individual. Together with the Aadhar, the financial transactions of the individual are connected.

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