Mobile app to make Aadhaar verification easier

Mobile app to make Aadhaar verification easier

Mobile app to make Aadhaar verification easier Transactions utilizing Aadhaar authentication rose to almost 150 crores from September from only more than 100 crores the preceding month. This significant spike in the use of this biometric ID has prompted the federal government to Aadhaar linking simplified by way of a mobile program.

In 148.3 crore, the range of trades based on Aadhaar authentications a month was significantly more than the country’s populace, a senior government official told ET. This is a phenomenal gain from just 17 crores at December a and indicates, on the average, every Aadhaar card holder used the ID one or more times at September to avail of benefits or other government solutions, the state added.

With almost 118.5 crore people having Aadhaar, the government has opted to enable its recently launched mobile app, mAadhaar, todo all Aadhaar authentications based on OTPs. About 3 1 crore transactions in September were executed using OTPs.

A significant issue prior to the UIDAI was inferior cellular network Aadhar card status and signs causing delays in the delivery of OTP to the registered mobile number.

Sometimes, the passwords don’t even get delivered. The new Aadhar card download app, that has seen over 1 million downloads since its launching in July, will eliminate reliance upon mobile networks.

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