How To Make Aadhar Card For Child

How To Make Aadhar Card For Child

The importance of Aadhar cards is immense. These documents act as evidence of address and identity and has been compulsory for virtually all government strategies. An Aadhar number is a 12 digit unique identity that’s supplied to citizens of India from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) that is an Indian Central Government Agency. Behind providing the Aadhar Card For Child, the idea is to have every citizen information within a central database.

An Aadhar card is used as a proof of address in addition to a proof of identity. Lots of government schemes have been implemented which require applicants to supply details of the Aadhar card. One such instance is the LPG subsidy. To be able to avail the subsidy provided by the Government of India, applicants will have to supply their Aadhar amount mandatorily. Suffice to say, an Aadhar card is necessary and important.

An Aadhar card can be availed by every citizen of India, no matter age or sex. This document may be procured offline in addition to both online. Applicants will need to fill in the application form by supplying all the needed details and submitting it along with proofs of identity and address. In order to avail an Aadhar card applicants will also need to provide their fingerprint and retina scans. Applicants will get their Aadhar card within a few days after this is done.

Aadhar cards can be procured for all citizens of India, irrespective of age, yes, even children can avail Aadhar cards as stated before. The information given below will talk about the process of availing Aadhar cards for newborn children.

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