Way to Apply Without Any Documents For Aadhar Card

The Way to Apply Without Any Documents For Aadhar Card

The Aadhar card program was produced by the government of India to provide all the occupants of India an identity document that’s valid across the country. It is aimed at helping them avail any and all government subsidies and benefits which they may be entitled to and simplifying the procedure of establishing an individual’s identity. There could be instances where you may not be in a position to apply for one while the government has made it very easy for residents to use for, and get Aadhar cards but. They are required to provide a record that supports the information when someone wants to enroll for Documents For Aadhar Card.

These records usually consist of proof of address, identity, date of birth and relationships. It’s mandatory to present documents to avail Aadhaar card status benefits however there are instances where you might not have documents that establish your identity or speech. There could also be a case where the applicant is a minor under age 5 decades. By following this simple procedure you can still apply.

Applying for Aadhar without documents

The software process is almost exactly the same for these instances, in that you still will need to use using the enrolment forms but you’ll also have to take the support of an introducer. You can submit an application with the help of your family, who has registered with Aadhar’s mind for Aadhar card download.

The affirmation of your identity and address will subsequently become the responsibility of the introducer who is generally appointed by the authorities. Your form was submitted along with after verification is completed, the procedure becomes the same as that for Aadhaar authentication applications supported by files. The introducer will also have to support your application with their data and attest the program along with your attestation when required.

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