Trai to recommend suggest Aadhaar KYC for outstation SIM buyers

Telecom Regulator | Trai to recommend suggest Aadhaar KYC for outstation SIM buyers

NEW DELHI : Telecom regulator Trai is likely to recommend to the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) that Aadhar based KYC be allowed even for outstation customers want to obtain a mobile connection in a particular service area.Trai to recommend suggest Aadhaar KYC for outstation SIM buyers.

The regulator may suggest that the existing mobile subscribers in the country should be encouraged to go in for Aadhar based KYC verification, for which telecommunication service providers could offer incentives like free data or talk time.

The facilities of Aadhar driven KYC for the existing customer base will be proper verification of subscribers and address the security concerns to fake or bogus mobile connections, according to sources.

It will be telecommunication operators of the hassle of keeping physical customer verification paper documents which could get damaged or misplaced in the long run.

Trai is of the view that since KYC verification cannot be mandatory a proper program should be involved in the telecommunication department in consultation with telecommunication service providers (TSPs) to nudge the existing subscribers to go for Aadhar-based KYC

It feels that the same should be done in a phased but time-bound manner.While Trai remains favor of telecommunication operators offering sweeteners so that people come forward for KYC, the regulator is not likely to specify exact incentives.

In present KYC has been adopted for new mobile connections or SIM cards, but existing customers who form the overwhelming majority of the over 100 crore mobile users remain outside the purview of Aadhar based KYC verification bit.

A further not allowing KYC process for SIM purchases by outstation customers is creating an artificial barrier among users. Trai has actually favored opening up the Aadhar KYC process for outstation customers too to remove the distinction between users.

It could be remembered that in August last year the government allowed the application, validation, and activation of new prepaid and postpaid mobile connections using Aadhar card application and fingerprint at the point of sale.The KYC has made the process of application and verification much faster and simple for new subscribers.

Besides easing the verification process and enhancing security the move has cut down the time for new SIM activate as against the previous lengthy document-based process of applying for a mobile connection.

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