The Way OCI Holder Can Apply for Aadhaar Card

The Way OCI Holder Can Apply for Aadhaar Card

OCI denotes Overseas Citizen of India, it is a life visa document issued to non-Indian taxpayers to reside and work in India with fewer limitations. OCI Holder Can Apply for Aadhaar Card, But what if an OCI Holder Should use for Aadhaar Card Status?

Aadhaar Card is now been requested for various purpose like to open a bank account, to maintain existing bank accounts active, to link to a mobile number, etc. In this article, we’ll solve your query how OCI Holder Can Apply for Aadhaar Card.

Can OCI Holder Apply for Aadhaar Card

NRIs/ OCI Card Holders Aren’t qualified to Apply for Aadhaar Card, but only residents of India can register for Aadhaar. To be aware of the complete process on the best way best to use for Aadhaar Card you can follow the tutorial by clicking here.

What OCI Card Holder will require doing if bank is requesting to Associate Aadhaar Card if the Resident doesn’t have Aadhaar In case, Resident is an NRI/OCI card holder and using a bank account in India, however, Resident doesn’t have Aadhaar and you can Download the Aadhar Card he could disclose their non-resident standing with evidence to their bank. For the standing of the account becoming in-operational only the banks that are applicable shall be able to give a reply.

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