Show Aadhaar and get free pass:IFR

Show your Aadhar card as well as get a totally free pass to enjoy various occasions of Indian Navy’s distinguished IFR.

Show your Aadhar card enjoy various occasions of Indian Navy’s distinguished IFR.

These passes will certainly be issued at all the Mee Seva centers from the next week onwards. Around 1 lakh passes are preparing. Public can enjoy Procedures Demo (Op Demo) as well as International City Parade, which are the highlights of the IFR at the Beach Road on Feb. 7.

Throughout Op Demonstration, a number of battleships, submarines and aircrafts, including marine task forces, would certainly offer an action-packed screen of the 3 dimensional capacities of the Indian Navy. “We are exercising various other methods as well as having final quotes on the number of people can be suited on the Beach Roadway. Accordingly, we will provide passes with all Mee Seva centers,” area debt collector, Dr N Yuvaraj said. The President of India, evaluating the International Fleet of ships standing in columns, on Feb. 6, can also be checked out by the public from the Coastline Road.

The International Fleet, comprises over 75 frontline ships as well as submarines. The Testimonial Anchorage would have an awe impressive combination of Naval Warships from Indian Navy as well as frontline Navies from across the globe. In enhancement, the ships of the Indian Coast Guard and also Mercantile Marine would certainly get involved.

Apply Aadhar card Online to enjoy Shows.

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