What is the purpose of Aadhar card?

Purpose of Aadhar Card

This Aadhaar’s objective was going to make it easier for people and have one number that would work as proof of address and proof of identity and Purpose of Aadhar Card. Another reason that the government has cited for its development of the is to help curtail illegal immigration. What Aadhaar card status is not is a card which could replace the need for passports or drivers licenses. Additionally, it doesn’t recognize a person nor can any more than one Aadhaar number that is own.

Uses Of Aadhar Card

Universal identity card

The most important aim of this creation of Aadhar card download has been to create a distinctive and universal identity card for availing various services, for the taxpayers of India which will help negate the requirement of distinct documents.

Government subsidy

The authorities of India provides specific subsidies to certain taxpayers nevertheless there have been cases when such welfare was misused. The Aadhaar amount was meant to help make sure that purchase it and solve this issue. Aadhar card apply online is assumed to be the identification that could establish an individual’s eligibility to enroll to the Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyaan and schooling.

Gas links

As stated by this PAHAL DBTL Scheme, those folks who had a Generate your Aadhaar number may use it in order to get a subsidy on gas tanks. To be in a position to avail it, then they’d need to possess an Aadhar card that’s related to your bank account and to the gas connection.

Phone links

In regards to getting the fresh landline or mobile phone connections, the Aadhaar card may be utilized to substitute KYC files like identity theft and proof of address.

Bank Balances

The benefit of owning a bank account connected to this Linking of Aadhaar card with PAN amount is that when and if you are eligible for a federal welfare system and you want to get financial advances, they may be transferred into the linked bank accounts post haste.


The Aadhaar card includes no validity requirements and remains valid during the lifespan of the individual.

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