Now you can link Aadhaar and PAN with an ID proof

Now you can link Aadhaar and PAN with an ID proof

The central authorities had requested people to associate their Linking of Aadhaar card with PAN, which gave way to enormous confusion across the country because there were lots of spelling gaps in the vast majority of their cardholders and link Aadhaar and PAN.

But, this dilemma has now been solved since the government has requested people to incorporate a scanned copy of the Aadhaar card status to get the procedure done.

Before the authorities had made it compulsory to Associate Aadhaar card and PAN but that resulted in furor since NSDL and other solutions could not make it occur because of spelling differences.

Presently, all people today will need to do in order to receive their own Aadhaar authentication applications and PAN connected would be to submit a scanned copy of the PAN to the official Aadhaar site.

A number of individuals who have connected their PAN and Aadhar card download stands at 1.08 while you’ll find more than 25 crore PAN holders.

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