Indian Railways with m-Aadhaar as Individuality proof

Now, you can travel on Indian Railways with m-Aadhaar as Individuality proof

Indian Railways has determined to allow Aadhaar card on cellular app namely m-Aadhar launched by UIDAI(m-Aadhaar) as one of those prescribed proofs of individuality at par together with-Aadhaar and published Aadhaar card for job train travel in any reserved course.

M-Aadhaar is a cellular app established by UIDAI on which a person can Download Aadhaar Card. It may be done only on the mobile number to which Aadhaar has been linked.

For showing Aadhaar card status, the individual has to open the app and input the password.

M-Aadhaar, when exhibited by the passenger on cellular after entering the password, should be accepted as proof of identity for undertaking journey in any booked course over Indian Railways.

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