How to Apply Aadhar Card, NRI & Foreigners

Get Aadhar Card, NRI & Foreigners

As we all understand the value of having the Identification Evidence as well as Address Proof, it is required at every phase of life. Also if you are NRI or Resident Foreign Nationals, the evidence is always being required for your identification verification.

If you are getting a home on lease, you require an identity proof to reveal to the landlord, for authorities confirmation and get the lease contract done from Authority.

Aadhar Card is the Indian version of a social security number offered in America and also Canada. The primary of Aadhar Card is to serve as a proof of identity and also address to residents of India. It was likewise carried out to create level playing fields of Health, Education and also Employment to all homeowners of India.

Anyone from a youngster above to age of 1 year to an NRI or an immigrant staying in India can use for Aadhar Card. You need not be a resident of India, how to apply for aadhar card correction proof that you are a citizen of India is enough to apply for an Aadhar Card.

Aadhar card is a full proof file without a single loophole that might allow anybody to tamper the file. Any kind of Individual, that supplies the needed documents, such as age evidence, identity proof as well as residential evidence and is physically present at the center could generate Aadhar Card.

How to get the Aadhar Card by an NRI or Foreigner?

AADHAR Card is readily available for all the locals of India whether he/she is a migrant, NRI or Resident Foreign Nationals.

The procedure to make an application for the AADHAR card for NRIs and Citizen Foreign Nationals are like other residents of India.

To get the on-line consultation for the enrolment at the ADHAAR Card Center Apply Aadhaar Card Online

If any kind of NRI or Resident Foreign Nationals wish to obtain AADHAR card, aadhar card for nri in uae after that they need to be present at any of AADHAAR Card Center in India and also from there they could make an application for the registration.

To apply for an Aadhar card you have to follow some basic steps:

Step 1: Aadhar Card centres are located in every locality of India. In order to look for it online you can go to the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India and click on this link This link will enable you to search for a centre near by you. You can then visit the centre and pick up an Aadhar Card form for free. You can also download the form through this link

Step 2: An Aadhar card form has to be filled with black ink. It asks for basic details like name, residential address, date of birth, etc. of the applicant. A set of documents supporting these details also has to be attached with the form. For ID proof, Residential proof and Age proof can be confirmed by submitting photocopies of Passport, PAN card, Driver’s License, Photo credit card, etc. To get a complete list of documents that can be provided log on to

Step 3: After the details are filled out and the documents are verified, a date will be provided to the applicant. This appointment is fixed to record the biometrics and a photograph of you. You can fix this date by visiting a centre near you or by an online process

Step 4: After all these steps are followed, a receipt confirming your application will be provided to you and within a month’s time the Aadhar Card will be delivered by post to the registered address.

The process for Indian residents, NRI’s and foreigners is the same, as one does not require to be a citizen, but merely a resident of India to generate an Aadhar card.

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