Biometric-enabled aadhar card entry

Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) | Biometric-enabled Aadhar card entry 

The Biometric-enabled Aadhaar card entry introduced into Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in the city has actual just obtained got easier for passengers with Aadhar card number.The airport has a launch biometric-enabled aadhar card entry as a pilot project for one airline company.

The procedure is a seamless paperless bi­o­­metric authentication at all the checkpoints of the airp­o­rt flight terminal. The passenger simply needs to swing his/her hand at all the procedure points to walk through.The process works At the airport entry, the passenger comes pre-checked in with either the paper printed boarding pass and e-mobile pass.

At the Aadhaar boarding kiosk, he/she scans the boarding pass. If the aadhar card application status is already entered at the time of booking the passenger hand to complete the verification /registration process. If the number is not entered it could be done manually before the hand is waived.

 In case the Aadhar card status is not available the passenger mentions that as well as his/her hand. The alternate Aadhar card address proof card is then shown to the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Central Industrial Security Force staff.  

The passenger then heads to the departure entry gate. The gate opens when the biometrics on the hand is presented. At the pre-embarkation security check location, the hand is waved again to enter the zone. For the security check, the handbags are screened before the passenger moves through the door frame metal detector to reach the frisking pedestal.

 The passenger hand and is recognized by his/her biometrics. Once the passenger is frisked, he/she heads to the designated boarding gate, where the hand is waived again. At the E-Gate, the passenger gets a paper stub with flight details and seat number.

This is produced at the aircraft door. Passengers of Jet Airways flight 9W 450 from Bengaluru to Mumbai can experience the biometric-enabled Aadhar card correction entry. The process is part of KIA’s exercise to digitize and automate the entry procedure.

The existing procedure of manual verification of identity is being seen as a security concern. Digitalisation can make it convenient even for the passengers according to the airport officials. DH News Service

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