Aadhar card made mandatory for RTE admissions

Aadhar card made mandatory for RTE admissions

The Right to Education Act was passed with the intent of offering quality education to individuals from different segments of the society and Aadhar card made mandatory. The Act, which provides 25% reservation for pupils from weaker backgrounds has been a boon, empowering thousands every year.

In an attempt to streamline the process and weed out unfair practices, the government has decided to make it compulsory for applicants to provide their Aadhar card details.

The Aadhar card download of both, the parents and the youngster will be needed for admissions from the next calendar year, with parents expected to make sure that they get the Aadhar amount by December 31, 2016.

In addition to the Aadhar card status, parents will also need to furnish other documents, for example, caste certificate, income certification, and also the birth certificate along with the application form.

In the event of orphans searching for admission under the RTE Act, orphanages will need to ensure that they Apply Aadhaar Card For Newborns. This information will be used for spot verification to weed out false software, ensuring deserving applicants get the chairs.

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