Aadhaar cards mandatory for PF transactions

Aadhaar cards mandatory for PF transactions | Aadhaar cards  PF transactions

Entry of Aadhaar card information by customers is not compulsory for any kind of provident fund transaction, Parliament was educated Monday.

Labour Priest Bandaru Dattatreya said in written reply to Lok Sabha on a query whether the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has actually made it obligatory to send Aadhaar Card specifics of staff members for any type of PF transition.

The priest claimed that Aadhaar card is issued to resident of India. The Special Recognition Authority of India (UIDAI) has embraced multi-registrar model for enrolments.

Under the version, numerous non-government firms such as banks, which, in the normal course of executions of their procedures connect with residents, are designated as Registrar to register the residents.

The registrar enrols homeowners by setting up enrolment agencies. UIDAI has produced over 71 crore Aadhaar numbers up until now.

Retirement fund body EPFO has just recently chosen to come to be a registrar of the UIDAI to help with enrolment of its customers who don?t have Aadhaar Card numbers.

EPFO wants to seed over 4.2 crore mobile Universal PF Account Figures provided by it, with the Aadhaar number of subscribers.

Particular establishments like online settlement of PF withdrawal cases can be offered to all those participants whose PF accounts are seeded with Aadhaar number as biometric details would certainly assist to assist in the large economic transactions.

On the other hand, the preacher notified your house that the government has presented an electronic life certification plan for resigned workers and has also launched a fund mobility plan lately.

The center gives a choice to pensioners to give life certificate remotely with the Jeevan Praman Site. Aadhaar number is made use of for authentication of pensioners. Pensioners are not needed to offer themselves before the pension plan paying out company or make different papers that his alive.

He likewise educated the House that at present 22.5 lakh persons have activated their universal PF account numbers (UANs) which will certainly remain portable throughout the life of a subscribers.

The optimum variety of 4.27 lakh UANs have actually been activated in Maharashtra adhered to by Karnataka (3.22 lakh) and Tamil Nadu (2.72 lakh).

Employed staff members in organised sector will have to offer their Aadhaar numbers for seeking benefits under the EPF scheme being run by retirement fund physical body Workers’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO).

It will certainly additionally be compulsory for new members to submit their Aadhaar numbers as part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) confirmation from March 1, 2013.

“It has been decided to create Aadhaar numbers obligatory for new members … joining on or after March 1, 2013. Nevertheless for already existing members, the seeding of Aadhaar number has to carried out in a time bound fashion,” an official order to the field staff stated.

It has actually asked the area personnel to make sure the compilation of information (Aadhaar) in respect of member joining on or after March 1, 2013 on a regular monthly basis and also in regard of existing members by June 30, 2013.

In case a staff member does not have the Aadhaar number, the company can provide an Enrolment Id (EID) based on the guidelines of the physical body. This EID would be converted into Aadhaar number later on, the order stated.

The body would certainly likewise look for the Aadhaar Card numbers of its pensioners through the banks. EPFO has actually made a decision to utilize Aadhaar as obligatory KYC credential to improve its platforms.

The pensioners can submit their Aadhaar number either to their pension paying branch of the bank or to the EPFO workplace.

The field personnel has actually additionally been asked to call the regional UIDAI authorities requesting them to establish camps for enrolment in industrial parks as well as different locations which they discover appropriate for the objective.

The field offices are also routed to coordinate with district authorities during organising of camps for Aadhaar enrolments.

Previously, EPFO had envisaged replacing its participant’s account number with Aadhaar numbers to stay clear of hassle to those that had to apply for transfer of PF money to the brand-new account with the brand-new company.

EPFO is working to producing a central database where all members would have a special account number and also would certainly not need to transfer PF accounts to an additional one in case of transforming jobs.

EPFO recently digitalised its database of local offices as well as released its e-passbook platform where subscribers can access their account online. Currently the physical body is working to incorporating this digital information base and bring them together at one place.

This will help EPFO participants, specifically the construction employees, who frequently alter their works or contractors.

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