Aadhaar Card Must Appearing for SSC Exam

HYDERABAD:  Student of state-run schools have one more burden on their shoulders currently – of obtaining themselves an Aadhaar card.

As odd as it could appear, the state education and learning division, in a circular issued on November 26, has actually made it “necessary” for all pupils appearing for their Aadhaar Card Must Appearing for SSC Exam assessment in March 2016 to obtain their distinct identification number Aadhaar card prior to they set foot inside the examination hall.

The strongly-worded circular states that “the nominal rolls (a document listing out all specifics) of SSC appearing candidates will not be allowed by the director of government examinations unless a certificate is enclosed stating that all prospects have actually been provided Aadhar number“.

The deadline for submission of this information, the circular states, is December 15. Incidentally, the directive, a copy of which is in TOI’s possession, fails to ascertain just why this detail is necessary.

School managements, predictably, are baffled. Terming it “unwarranted”, they mention exactly how it is also in sheer violation of a Supreme Court order issued in August this year. The SC directive, they point out, has made Aadhaar card mandatory only for those availing an LPG subsidy and reaping the benefits of the Public Circulation System.

“We have severe objection with the education department’s decision to not approve candidates who fail to enroll for Aadhaar. It’s a volunteer task and can not be forced upon anybody. Compelling students to get an Aadhaar card in the name of exams is simply obnoxious,” Sreenivas Reddy, president of Telangana Independent school Managements Organization, told TOI.

There are over 5 lakh students waiting to appear for their SSC examination next year. Given that it takes almost 90 days to get an Aadhaar card, students do not have much time to complete the process.

Apart from SSC , the brand-new regulation additionally prolongs to students from course 1 to 9. The distinct identification number of each student will certainly offer the division with precise stamina in government as well as private schools,” said an education division official on condition of anonymity.

Despite repeated attempts by TOI, the school education commission G Kishan could not be grabbed explanations.

One more worry for students

* Institution education and learning dept concerns circular on Nov 26 making it compulsory for students standing for SSC test in March to provide Aadhaar details

* Due date for submission of info is December 15

* It takes almost 90 days to obtain an Aadhaar card

* The directive, school managements say, is in violation of an SC instruction relating to Aadhaar

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